Monday, May 11, 2009

OiOi Backpack Diaper Bag

Backpack Diaper Bag by OiOiThis is an OiOi’s great backpack which features:

Fashionable pansy print nylon microfibre with chocolate leather trim.

Chocolate nylon lining.

Flap top closure with magnetic snap lock.

Detailed internal compartments.

Leather trim handle and pockets.

Large padded microfiber change mat.

Plastic OiOi wipes case.

Antique nickel hardware.

Protective metal feet on bottom.

Insulated bottle holder.

Insulated side pocket.

PVC zip top wet purse.

This backpack diaper bag is what made OiOi famous!

OiOi Sophisticated Baby bags are the brainchild of Lisa Bennetts. More than 10 years ago she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Isabella, who gave her the inspiration to create a label that empowered mothers to have the confidence to look amazing and feel equally as good! With a wealth of experience in fashion and accessories product development and international marketing, working with companies such as Swarovksi Jewellery in UK and Europe and Oroton Australia, the birth of Lisa's daughter sparked the idea for a stylish yet functional baby bag - The OiOi Messenger bag was born!

Australian designer OiOi takes the fashion shapes and colors of the current season in handbags and creates practical yet sophisticated diaper bag designs that are tailor-made for every new mother. The word "Oi" is a ubiquitous term used in Australia to attract someone’s attention...the Aussie version of "hey you!". Hence the designer penned the name in an ironic twist as she felt the bags were certainly "attention grabbing" as a stylish accessory yet, "incognito" as a diaper bag.

OiOi Baby bags are stylish, innovative and practical bags known for their superb quality and reliability. The bags are loved for their spectacular designs, vibrant fabrics, and functional styles that have no comparison. Sprouting from a single bag in 1997, the collection now resembles a lively, bustling family with over 40 styles available.

OiOi bags have led the way for over a decade and are THE original and essential style accessory that mother's throughout the world love almost as much as the little ones themselves! OiOi has continued to evolve, expanding from an Australian owned and designed brand to an internationally recognized label since first launching OiOi in the UK in 2002 and the USA in 2003. The company's continued success in an increasingly competitive market is a result of Lisa's knowledgeable background and ability to combine new season fashion with functional and innovative designs.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

OGIO Shifter Backpack

This is an OGIO Shifter Backpack. It features:

Fleece-lined sunglasses pocket / Fits most 15" laptops / Interior padded laptop sleeve / Interior organizer panel including: jewelry, makeup and no boys allowed pockets / Side cell phone slip stash pocket / Quick stash lipstick compartment / Quick closure water bottle pocket / Satin lined interior / Laptop sleeve 13"h x 11"w x 2"d

This Shifter takes girls packs in an entirely new direction with all computer and storage necessities such as a padded laptop compartment and quick-stash cell phone pocket, but throws in what a girl wants: quick-stash lipstick shoulder strap pocket; jewelry, makeup and “no-boys-allowed” personal necessities storage; and a fleece-lined sunglass pocket.

With a die-hard crew and collective insight, OGIO gathered top athletes from across the nation from moto, BMX, skate, snow, and surf to produce Team OGIO. Together OGIO designers and athletes unite to create specific action sports packs. This cutting-edge company has single handedly revolutionized bag design and there is more where that came from.

With an innovative line of duffels and packs loaded with excess features, OGIO dished out the inner extreme everyone craved. With this driving appetite, OGIO reinvented golf with a fresh contemporary line and a pimped out “golf cart”, more widely known as the BRV (battle-ready vehicle).

From humble beginnings to a modern phenomenon, top gear bag designer OGIO still thrives on the substance that spurred its existence…vision. Michael Pratt fostered the prodigy that is OGIO, and with intuition and a little financial reinforcement spawned the young company’s venture into gear bag design. OGIO spurred new age golf, and recognized the vast potential of their entity. Sharing a synonymous intense direction with action sports, OGIO’s eminence emerged from the get-go with the production of the hit motocross film “Global Addiction”.

American Alligator Drawstring Backpack Made by Mulholland

American Alligator Drawstring Backpack Made by MulhollandThis backpack, called American Alligator drawstring backpack from Mulholland, is destined to be an heirloom. A large-capacity interior seems to morph to accommodate whatever is loaded into the space. Top flap secures with a solid brass buckle. Two additional gusseted pouches with quick-release hardware. Fully adjustable and padded shoulder straps. It's functional and rugged to a fault. Drawcord cinches the top-load compartment. Substantial and classic styling for city streets or country hikes.

When they started their family business 20 years ago, their goal was to share their experiences as craftsmen, outdoorsmen and travelers with their customers. In a world of second-bests, they set out to create a line of leather and leather-trimmed luxury goods made without compromise. What began as a very small collection of specialized leather field sport gear has evolved and grown into a line that now encompasses men's, women's, luggage, gift, golf and corporate sales divisions. The mix includes functional, thoughtfully designed, finely crafted products for the world traveler, businesspeople and sportsmen.

Now much of their product development is the result of inspiration drawn from within. But they've also listened to their customers and responded to their requests and needs for products that combine mobility, functionality and style. This approach provides freshness to help attract new Mulholland customers while maintaining comforting familiarity for your existing collectors.

Maddie Powers Backpack from Mobile Edge

Maddie Powers Backpack from Mobile EdgeThe Maddie Powers Laptop Backpack, with a sports pulp icon image on the outside, is as versatile and tough as the material and images portrayed on the backpack. The classic styling of the Maddie Powers Laptop Backpack makes it a bag for every occasion and style. It features:

Fits most 15.4" screen laptops

Pen holders and interior pockets

Five exterior pockets with an accessible middle pocket

Vintage cover laptop slip pocket

The mission of Mobile Edge is to create truly cutting-edge carrying cases that will enhance your mobile lifestyle and positively reflect your personal sense of style.

Mobile Edge was created by a group of senior computer industry professionals for the sole purpose of producing superior computer-related carry cases. In this increasingly mobile world we live in, the case that you carry reflects upon who you are. Just as people are proud of the watch on their wrist, Mobile Edge wants them to be proud of the case that they carry.

The commitment of Mobile Edge is to provide style, innovation and function in every case that they produce. They also realize that 'peace-of-mind' is more important than ever, and to this end they offer the strongest Lifetime Warranty in the industry.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fabric Laptop Backpack from McKlein

Fabric Laptop Backpack from McKleinThis fabric laptop backpack features:

* Awarded “Consumer Digest Best Buy”

* Side-Entry Access with detachable computer sleeve that protects laptops up to 15.4” in size

* Air-lift mesh padding against your back to keep you dry and comfortable and ergonomically adjustable contour backpack straps

* Front organizer with storage space for media devices, cell phone, business cards, key holder and pens

* Side zipper pocket for MP3 player complete with slit for ear phones

The McKlein cases are designed for edgy professionals who are ahead of the curve. McKlein customers are on the move making things happen, innovating new ideas and are so in tune with undercurrents that they instinctively ride the waves of change. They aren’t immune to the undertow, but they know how to break the surface. They don’t play it safe. They’re people who aren’t risk-shy and they’re people who aren’t afraid to make mistakes, in fact they embrace them as an opportunity to grow.

When people ask the McKlein customer about their case, you can bet it was because the person carrying it has an indefinable air that makes them stand out. After inspecting them from head to toe and finding out that, yeah, they’re turned out well enough but they don’t stop traffic, they conclude the case, of obvious quality and has lent its own air of distinction. Wrong! Well, mostly…

Why do these people choose to take McKlein? They choose us because our cases embody their vision and are just one of the many tools they use to make vision an every day reality. There truly is no stopping the future and technology is a clear cut necessity if you’re going to stay in front of the curve.

McKlein cases are different. They are crafted with quality, and are packed with innovation and functionality. They even cost less than the “status” case. But the McKlein difference isn’t in the case. The McKlein difference is the people who choose McKlein and their drive to use collective experience, action and vision to mobilize quantum change. They don’t claim the case will change your life but it will make it easier. McKlein cases spring from vision and experience, but they’re still inanimate objects.

What made the McKlein customer stand out was the fact that they’re alive and aware. They are people of substance with their own force of gravity. McKlein customers move. They don’t run slower drivers off the road; they go around them with a smile and a wave. If they see someone in distress, they stop and help because they’re aware that with gift comes responsibility. They believe in empowering others. Sometimes they seem to walk on air, but they don’t mind getting their hands dirty for something they believe in.

Manhattan Portage Backpacks

Manhattan Portage BackpacksThe simple philosophy, a bag for everyone, has been kept by Manhattan Portage since 1983. Now it is certainly ringing true. From Montreal to Melbourne and Stockholm to San Francisco, Manhattan Portage's line of bags are indeed everywhere and carried by everyone.

The Manhattan Portage line has developed to serve all walks and runs of urban life. The variety of stores that sell Manhattan Portage bags also speaks to their varied clientele. Luggage, leather, bicycle, shoes, clothing, and even variety and gift stores all carry Manhattan Portage bags. With their Red logo, 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon, Delrin hardware, and a style selection including laptop bags, messenger bags, backpacks and more, Manhattan Portage bags don't hide and won't be going away any time soon. The emergence of competitors and innumerable imitators hasn't fazed them, but rather left Manhattan Portage celebrating this ultimate sign of trend triumph.

Although Manhattan Portage has received press in New York Times, People, Newsweek, and the Village Voice, their media coverage is not what has fueled their resounding success. It is their versatility, durability, and adaptability that has allowed them to survive the ebb and flow of mercurial fashion tides. So don't settle for an inferior product, get the real thing and treat yourself or a loved one to an authentic Manhattan Portage bag.

Manhattan Portage bags have been manufactured since 1983. Our manufacturing philosophy is to carefully design and refine each new bag, then personally inspect and select all materials. MP uses the best goods and the latest in hardware, such as YKK custom zippers and the highest grade of nylon available in the market today, called 1000 Denier Cordura, from Invista.

Over the years, Manhattan Portage bags have become more complex to build and continue to require extensive labor. In this age of global economy, it is not sustainable for them to make their bags in New York any more. Regardless of where the bags are manufactured, they are committed to maintaining the quality and integrity of their products by only using the highest quality materials.

Manhattan Portage Bags Feature:

1) Reflective neon stripes for late-night traveling on certain styles
2) Seams are double stitched. Stress areas are tripled stitched
3) The latest designs of hardware
4) All bags made with either Cordura Nylon, Waxed Canvas, or 40oz. Ballistic Cordura
5) Adjustable shoulder straps
6) Certain styles are lined with industrial strength vinyl - fully waterproof

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Audrey City Backpack made by Lodis

Audrey City Backpack made by LodisThis slim, sleek backpack is called Audrey City Backpack made by Lodis. It is of quite simply, chic timeless beauty, refined and elegant characteristics. Audrey features smooth grain leather, contrasting trim and interiors. Always available in traditional Black and Red.

Features: Gusseted interior main compartment, Padded outside zippered compartment with key holder and two pockets, Carry handle and adjustable straps.

Lodis is established in Spain in 1965 and transplanted to the U.S. It combines downtown style and refined materials in its line of fashion accessories, from handbags and totes to small leather goods and evening clutches.

LaRomana Computer Backpack from Korchmar

LaRomana Computer Backpack from KorchmarThis is a computer backpack called LaRomana from Korchmar, which has these features:

1) Locking "Cap Open" design allows for storage of chargers and computer accessories with both inside and outside access

2) Front gusseted zipper pocket with partition for files and paperwork

3) Weight 6 lbs

4) Expandable leather pocket business organizer inside exterior flap pocket features unique top zipper opening for easy access

5) Dual shoulder strap zipper pockets

6) Thick leather cell phone clip loops on shoulder strap

7) Large side zipper pocket sized to fit full size passport wallet

Korchmar's business philosophy for over 91 years has been a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction by designing and manufacturing the highest quality business cases and travel goods. If we do not meet your expectations, please let us know, because we believe in developing lasting relationships with our customers.

All Korchmar creations are hand crafted by Korchmar in their own factory. At Korchmar you will fine excellent quality products, fair pricing, quick shipping and a return policy few companies can meet. You can be assured that we monitor customer satisfaction, by manufacturer, on a daily basis.

Korchmar has been in business serving professionals around the world since 1917, they have been rated "1A" in customer service, ease of ordering, products, pricing and shipping.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

KIVA Convertible Pack

KIVA Convertible PackKiva Convertible Pack offers a very lightweight solution for packing it all in. Top loading main compartment is a full 1093 cubic inches. Two external side mesh pockets carry a water bottle and other often needed items. Front pouch pocket is nicely gusseted and has an additional zipper mesh flat pocket. Contents are protected during inclement weather by the adjustable, cinch down lid with an easy side release open-and-close attachment. Hidden waist belt on pouch lets you use as a waist pack.

KIVA has been inventing new ideas with a focus on art, function and invention for more than 18 years. In that time, KIVA has invented over 5,000 unique products for the KIVA brand and for many of the world’s finest companies. KIVA is proud of its heritage. Every carry-gear design that they create has all of this heritage built in. You can be confident that when you choose one of their products, it will become a trusted and reliable traveling companion for many years to come.

Many KIVA users return to discover the latest travel art. Kiva appreciates this trust and is committed to providing a continually evolving product selection with a focus on being instinctive while maintaining their heritage of innovation. KIVA’s products must be easy to use while offering new and unique features and benefits to provide the owner total satisfaction with how it works combined with an appreciation for how it looks and makes them feel.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Backpack

Kenneth Cole Reaction BackpackThis Kenneth Cole Reaction backpack has these features:

1) two side zip pockets, two side buckle clasps

2) imported

3) Kenneth Cole Reaction nylon dobby backpack

4) front zip compartment, front zip pocket with inner zip mesh pocket, three pen slots and two slip-in pockets

5) two large center zip compartments

6) back zip laptop compartment fits up to 15.4" screens

7) equipped with EZ SCAN™ to securely display your laptop so you don't have to remove it from your bag at security checkpoints

8) top grip handle, adjustable straps, padded back

Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. is an American fashion house founded by Kenneth Cole in 1982. They opened for business on December 2, 1982, in front of 1370 Avenue of the Americas. They had a fully furnished forty-foot trailer, klieg lights, a director, a rolling camera, models as actresses, and two NYPD policemen as doormen. A velvet rope allowed a limited number of people in the trailers and in two and a half days they sold forty thousand pairs of shoes. The company remains Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.

Kenneth Cole opened his first store on Columbus Avenue in Manhattan In 1985, followed shortly thereafter by another store on Union Street in San Francisco. Kenneth Cole retail and Company Stores can now be found worldwide in many countries.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

JanSport Backpack

JanSport BackpackJanSport is the Original Outdoor Gear Brand that embodies a culture of fun and discovery. They equip people globally with quality, enduring and reliable products that enable the freedom to experience life's adventures.

The goal of JanSport is to design, engineer, manufacture and market products that can help people get from point A to point B, wherever that may be. And they want to help you get there in the most functional way possible. They're well aware that the backpack that carries your books to school might need to be the same backpack that carries your gear on a Saturday day hike, so they incorporate flexibility into each and every design. It's what JanSport has been doing consistently for nearly forty years and it's the concept that drives them today.

In keeping faithful to their founding vision while evolving with the times, JanSport has cultivated successful partnerships with individuals and organizations. These partnerships are mutually beneficial and assure greater results for all.

Hartmann Business & Computer Backpack

Hartmann Business & Computer BackpackSince its inception in 1877 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Hartmann has been a leader in the travel goods industry and Hartmann has secured a reputation for outstanding quality and durability. In 1905, Mr. Hartmann had a vision to build "luggage so fine it will stand as a symbol of excellence." Because of his vision, the company grew rapidly and moved to larger facilities in Racine, Wisconsin. Based in Lebanon, Tennessee since 1959, Hartmann proudly handcrafts the finest quality luggage and leather goods to meet diverse and ever-changing travel needs.

Throughout its history, Hartmann has upheld its image as the definitive American purveyor of stylish carrying bags, always viewing luggage as a veritable fashion accessory. For 132 years, Hartmann has prided itself on crafting the finest luggage and leather goods. From creating gorgeous yet practical trunks and Pullmans for steamliner and railway travel to the development of smaller, fashionable suitcases designed specifically for travel on new commercial jets, Hartmann has always been the brand of choice for discerning travelers. Even now, the Hartmann customer appreciates stylish design and the finest materials, demands practical functionality, and truly respects American heritage and craftsmanship.

Gyms Pacific Neoprene Backpack

Gyms Pacific Neoprene BackpackGyms Pacific, founded in February 2003, is a design house of high end neoprene bags and accessories. Neoprene was chosen as the exclusive material for all Gyms Pacific designs because of the versatility of the material. The durable and water resistant neoprene material is easy to care for and comes in many bright colors to suit customers' moods and fashion senses. It also has protective features and is ideal for electronic equipment. The nylon jersey finish adds a soft touch and is available in many fashionable and seasonal colors. Most importantly, neoprene is maleable and holds the clean and sharp lines that distinguishes Gyms Pacific designs.

GYMS Pac specializes in digital media and mobile computing accessories, bags and backpacks for the home, school and office. GYMS Pac designs are inspired by clean and sharp lines, functional use, protection, comfort and wearability. The company maintains the highest standard and quality of workmanship with its product line as well as its custom and private label orders. Their backpacks are comfortable, lightweight and functional.

Gibson backpack made by fūl

 Gibson backpack made by fūlfūl is an active lifestyle brand specializing in bags and backpacks for people who refuse to sit on the sidelines. The company was founded with one goal in mind, "Create quality bags and apparel for individuals who believe in living life to the fullest."

This Gibson backpack made by fūl has these features:
Suspension Contoured Back Straps
1680D Ballistic Nylon
Laptop Compartment w/ EVA Foam Padding
Internal Organizer
PVC Bottom Panel
MP3 Pocket with Earbud Wire Port
Molded Grab Handle

In order to do this, their parent company, JALP, LLC, gathered an edgy team of experts from all over the world - with over 100 years of combined experience, and a rare mixture of business sense and passion for life. Their "fūl® family"consists of extreme sports enthusiasts, graduates who have lugged books and laptops around campus, and fashion forwards. They've used these personal experiences to create bags which support people lifestyle by combining design, durability and functionality.

Like barbeque, Elvis and the blues, fūl® was born in Memphis, Tennessee. And as they continue to grow and evolve, there is one thing that remains constant - fūl®'s commitment to providing their customers with the most unique and dependable bags out there.

Ellington Laurel Backpack

Ellington Laurel BackpackEllington was founded in 1986 with a simple, durable Rucksack, a bag that embodied the practical and independent spirit that is still the core of their company. This independence is reflected by Ellington's consumers as well. The company has since grown into an extensive line of accessories providing handbags, briefcases, totes, travel bags and wallets in fine leathers and fabrics under the Ellington brand, and fabric totes and travel bags in colorful prints under the new elsapel label. Known for its focus on distinctive materials and classic designs, Ellington's products communicate quality and character without large logos or trendy gimmicks. Ellington Leather products are available through specialty stores, national catalogs and online retailers including Ellington operates a company store in Portland, Oregon.

Ellington is a lifestyle accessories company providing practical yet fashionable accessories for both women and men. The company's products are sold under the Ellington and elsapel brands as well as to an extensive list of private label clients, including Sundance Catalog, Smith & Hawken and Pendleton Woolen Mills. Like the Original Ellington Rucksack, their new collections offer exceptional designs creatively built from the finest materials. They believe that common sense and character trump status; that craftsmanship and quality surpass fleeting style; and, above all, that function need not come at the expense of fashion.

Solar Backpack from The Eclipse Solar Gear

Solar Backpack from The Eclipse Solar GearEclipse Solar Gear is an Innovus Designs Inc company brand located in Round Rock, just north of Austin, Texas. has been the leading source for innovative solar charging carrying cases for all your mobile personal electronics since 2003.

The Eclipse Solar Gear products are stylish and built to last. The mobile cases are a patented line of solar backpacks, solar bicycle bags, solar messenger bags, solar camera bags, and other quality cases designed to charge the batteries of common handheld electronics including: cell phones, PDA’s, iPods, GPS units, and rechargeable AA batteries in a convenient and effortless manner.

This solar backpack is the first in a line of backpacks with an integrated solar charging solution. This backpack combines the traits of a feature rich quality bag with a smart, effective solar charging module. The backpack has multiple pockets for your cell phone, PDA, hand held GPS unit, CD player or MP3 player, and a laptop computer. The MP3 pouch includes an inner mesh pocket and a convenient outlet for your headphones. External side mesh pockets can be used for a water bottle holder or other items for quick access. Included with the pack are large cavities for books or extra clothing when traveling. The back cavity houses a laptop sleeve that can be removed when extra space and lighter weight is needed. The front zippered accessory pouch includes pen holders, cd holders, an elastic lanyard for keys, and a removable clip for USB memory sticks.

The integrated solar charging module can be utilized by using a common 12V automotive charging adapter made specifically for the brand and type of personal electronics you own. Using a cell phone as an example, you can trickle charge the cell phone battery during long hikes or hunting trips with the backpack using your existing cigerette lighter cord (not included). The result is an extension of battery life, and a source for charging when traveling in remote areas where traditional chargng sources are not available, or in emergency situations. The result is the ultimate backpack for your mobile needs.

Their goal is to enhance customers' personal electronics battery life by providing a convenient source of solar energy especially when no other traditional power source is available. Using a solar backpack or any solar charger can extend the use of personal electronics and contribute to the protection of the environment.

The Solar Gear design was an inspiration during a day on the beach while on vacation. Many people were basking in the sun, talking on their cell phones, and having a great time. The inspiration stemmed from noticing how many of the beach-goers were worried about their cell phones. The worry was not about the quality of service, or the amount of minutes they had, but about the life of their batteries. Why not use the sun to extend the battery life, and have a little piece of mind that your phone battery is not going to be drained?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

David King Leather Backpack

David King Leather BackpackSling shoulder strap unzips to form two backpack straps. Two front pockets with magnetic closure. Main compartment with magnetic closure. Side zippered pocket. Padded loop handle.

David King has built reputation on supplying customers with the highest quality products and then standing behind them. Their leather bags are made to provide everyday service, and to look good doing it. David King supports their Vacquetta Leather items with a guarantee that, for a period of one year, these bags will be free of defects in workmanship or materials.

David King and Company was founded in the 1970's. They have become the largest importer of South American leather in the US. Their corporate offices and their primary shipping/receiving facilities are located in Boston's historic leather district, on Beach Street, across from South Station. They have a basement level outlet store at that location as well. They also have an office in New York, which is open by appointment only. David King company provides the nation's leading leather retailers with high quality and value products at a reasonable price.

Here are some introduction to the leathers from which David King made their fine backpacks.

Vacqueta leather is soft to the touch, natural in appearance and hand- crafted to produce an elegant, authentic style which complements those who carry it- bold in texture, classic in design and individual in nature.

Imperial is their finest leather. Through a special tanning process, they've managed to develop a bold, tough leather with a delicate hand but durable finish. This leather will hold up to weather and temprature extremes very well, and should provide years of dependable service.

The Big Cheese Backpack from Crumpler

The Big Cheese Backpack from CrumplerThe Big Cheese Anthracite/White backpack fits a 17" laptop with space for 2 camera bodies and up to 7 lenses and accessories. It features the ultra comfortable backpack hugging system with tough padded shoulder straps with removable and adjustable chest strap for extra comfort - ensuring that you don't get too tired to play with the goodies inside. A removable rain cover keeps your things dry whatever the weather. It has two external pockets and a quick access front pocket that is accessible whilst you are wearing the bag. The laptop compartment is padded with document and cable storage solutions while padded dividers keep your camera gear safe and sound.

In 1995 David Roper and Will Miller founded Crumpler in Melbourne. Stuart designed the logo in 1991 which he branded onto his furniture designs. From the beginning the bags were designed for bike messengers, in particular those working for Roper and Miller's bike courier company, Minuteman. As the bags seen around the city were durable and colourful, there was soon commercial demand and the range grew to include more options in colours and sizes. Due to this commercial and more professional demand the Australians were looking for business-partners.

Today, Crumpler is equally owned by all of them but practically divided into two autonomous working parts. One providing the European, African, South, Central American and Mexican market, the other one delivering bags to the USA, Canada, Asia and Australia. The company then started producing colourful laptop computer and camera bags. The colourful bags were both unique and highly influential in times when the dull black technical style bags prevailed.

About CODi CT3 Tri-Pak Backpack

About CODi CT3 Tri-Pak BackpackThis is a CODi CT3 Tri-Pak backpack, which is designed to eliminate hassle while navigating airport security. The CT3 Tri-Pak features two distinct compartments hinged by military grade ballistic nylon, allowing the case to lie flat while passing through airport x-ray machines, eliminating the need to remove the laptop from the case. A front compartment contains a business organizer with pockets for pens, business cards and other essentials. Travelers can simply grab the case from the conveyer with one hand and go—the case secures itself with Velcro between the compartments. Two zippered outside pockets are perfect for easy access. Two side mesh pockets are great for water bottles.

CODi has been meeting the mobile computing needs of the corporate marketplace for over a decade. They are proud to count more than 200 of the Fortune 500 as clientele. With twin factories in the U.S.A. and global partnerships to complement our product assortment, CODi offers many unique capabilities that our competitors simply cannot match.

CODi's 12+ years of acquired knowledge permit them to genuinely partner with their customers and to address their mobile needs with precision. The value shows up in significant cost savings people can realize by partnering with CODi.

Clava Leather Backpack

Clava Leather BackpackClava is a family owned and operated business with more than 20 years of experience. What began with one single bag has grown to include over 600 sku's and a wide distribution in many different markets around the world.

Clava offers three different collections, using three distinctly different leathers: the Quinley Collection, the Vachetta Collection and the American Collection.

The Quinley Collection is made from a smoother leather with a polished and sophisticated style. It has a stiffer feel giving more structure to the bags. For a more modern appeal, these pieces feature nickel hardware. The Quinley Collection is available in café and black (unless otherwise noted).

The Vachetta Collection is a very natural and soft skin with a "buttery" hand. As Vachetta ages, it develops a distinctive patina and sheen. This leather wears nicely - as it is soft and "rugged" at the same time. The Vachetta Collection is available in three colors - unless otherwise noted - brown (saddle tan), cafe (dark coffee color), and black. All colors feature antiqued brass hardware.

The American Collection offers handsome designs with classic styling. Made from vegetable tanned Bridle leather, this is heavyweight leather gives our bags structure and durability. It has a slight sheen and ages beautifully over the years. The American Collection is offered in Cognac with brass hardware and Black with nickel hardware.

Among their selection of laptop bags and leather briefcases, as well as other leather goods, Clava is pleased to offer this product line.

Experienced craftsmen work with pride to produce the meticulous detail found in Clava leather accessories. In Clava, leathers are hand selected based on three main qualities: clarity, color and weight. And only the best grades of leather are chosen to manufacture their goods. However, due to the organic nature of leather, wrinkles, color variations, scratches and veins are natural features of the skin.

They have always and will continue to stand behind their products. That is why they offer a limited warranty on all of their products. Clava's mission statement, from the beginning, was to provide customers with the best leather bags at the best possible value.

Clava guarantees the quality and workmanship of all of their products for one year from the date of purchase and will exchange or repair defective or damaged merchandise. This warranty is valid for normal wear, not against stains, pen marks or misuse.

Claire Chase First Class Classic Backpack

Claire Chase First Class Classic BackpackEvery couture piece in the Claire Chase Collection is unequalled in value, and created from only the highest quality top-grain cowhide leather selected from the finest sources in the world. Marked by their timeless beauty, surprising lightweight and richly textured feel, the line gets better with age. They are at once supple and velvety soft to the touch, yet durable enough to meet the demands of even the most seasoned traveler.

The exquisite leather styling is complemented by bold, distinctive hardware. Every retractable handle, zipper, buckle, in-line skate wheel and frame is uncompromised in its superior quality and flawless performance. By selling direct from the Claire Chase factory, customers are guaranteed the finest quality leather in the world at the best price.

Claire Chase leather is made of the same quality of leather as used to make these. Their leather products will do the same. They know the airlines are rough with luggage and we have built a bag that will stand up to the toughest of baggage handlers.

Claire Chase products are made by skilled professionals in their own factory. Their quality control standards are second to none. Claire Chase is smaller than some of the big name companies, but because of this they can pay more detail to each individual order and people can be assured in consistent quality from all Claire Chase products. Also because they are smaller and have less overhead costs, they can guarantee consistent quality and pass the tremendous savings to their loyal customers.In addition, Claire Chase products are made from only the finest leather available.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Case Logic XN Urban Design Laptop Backpack

Case Logic XN Urban Design Laptop BackpackThis laptop backpack made by Case Logic has these features:

i) European styling with an urban influence

ii) Separate, padded computer compartment holds most 15.4" laptops

iii) Exterior, felt-lined quick access zip pocket for a cell phone or MP3 player

iv) Clean, contemporary design with unique top stitching accents

v) Colored internal lining allows you to see what's in your bag

vi) Matching USB shuttle- holds two USB drives

vii) Felt-lined internal accessory pockets keep your electronics scratch free

viii) Ergonomically designed shoulder straps for exceptional comfort

Case Logic, founded in 1984 in Boulder, Colorado, is owned and operated by Thule, the world leader in sports utility transportation. Thule delivers solutions for active families and outdoor enthusiasts wanting to transport their equipment by vehicles safely, easily and in style. Case Logic compliments Thule's product offering with a wide range of organization solutions both inside and outside the automobile. Today, Case Logic offers a full line of portable and home storage accessories for CDs, DVDs, portable electronics, laptops, cameras and automobiles.

Beginning with just two audiocassette storage cases, they helped create and expand the growing field of audio storage. Most recently, they have expanded into the travel and luggage market with backpacks, messenger bags and luggage. Known for innovative design and functionality, they provide the most complete selection of storage accessories in the industry.

Monday, March 23, 2009

California Leash Company's Pacifica Beach Backpack

California Leash Company's Pacifica Beach BackpackThis backpack manufactured by California Leash Company has these features:

i) Constructed of California Leash Company's High-Grade Neoprene fabric
ii) Zip around closure
iii) Front zip pocket
iv) Adjustable backpack straps
v) Top grab handle
vi) Roomy main compartment
vii) Zip pocket

California Leash Company, CLC, known for their funky & functional neoprene products, is a cutting edge handbag line where function meets fashion and classic design meets modern surfing culture. Developed in Southern California, the beach lifestyle provides the guide for creating the best and brightest in water-friendly products. From that, Beach by CLC was born. CLC was established in late 2002, in Santa Monica, CA, by Karl and Amber Ozinga.

Karl conceived the idea of a handbag line "utilizing the materials they consider or use for summer beach and surf activities into something fashionable." while studying textile design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. His goal was to use only the highest quality materials that were also directly associated with surfing culture. High-grade neoprene, the material for wet suits, replaced traditional canvas, and surf leash cords which are found on all surf boards, became handles. True to his idea, classic yet original, Karl's first design of the Beach handbag was a hit on the Los Angeles beaches and women of all ages were fascinated by the look and quality of the handbag.

Owned and operated by the Ozinga's, CLC started out of their garage in Santa Monica, CA. A year later they moved into a new home in Long Beach, CA and the business found a new headquarters in their garage there. CLC was adding employees, so naturally the dining room turned into an office and the living room into a shipping center. The Ozinga's home became an office/warehouse that was bursting at the seams. They realized it was time to move the business out of the house.

In February of 2005, they officially moved the business into a warehouse in Signal Hill, CA. The business continued to grow quickly as the bags were creating a reputation for being fresh and new. It was home to many of the top action sports and beach lifestyle brands and is dubbed the name "Surf City USA". The Ozinga's feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be part of such an exciting industry. To be able to design and market such a fun product has been a dream come true!

Some other tips for packing your backpack

Some other tips for packing your backpackTight packing means no loss of space and fewer wrinkles. There are several basic ways to pack your backpacks efficiently:

The Bundling Method: Like the interweave method; bundling is accomplished by folding longer items around smaller items. However, bundling is done by outfit. In other words, if you plan to wear a particular shirt with a particular pair of pants, you bundle them together. Starting with socks and underwear, you then wrap the shirt and finally the pants.

The Interweave Method: This works best with longer items such as dresses, pants, etc. Start with the longest items first, placing them in the bottom of thesuitcase, with the ends hanging over the case. Then place smaller itemson top of the longer ones.

The Rolling Method: Roll clothing, especially garments like turtlenecks, pajamas sweaters,slacks, etc. By wrapping a rubber band around each item, they stay rolled up.

Layering clothing with plastic dry cleaning bags or tissue paper helps to prevent wrinkles. Don't bring full sized toiletries. Many drug stores carry sample size toothpaste, hair spray, shaving cream, etc. These take up a lot less space and are much lighter than their full-sized counterparts. Also available at drug stores are small plastic bottles and jars that can be inexpensively and ecologically refilled with your preferred toiletries. Place jewelry,medicines, contact lenses, and other valuable or irreplaceable items in your carry-on. Also consider packing a change of socks and underwear in your carry-on.

The Cross Packing Method: Pack essential items of each person in each other's bags. That way, if a suitcase is lost, everyone will still be able to enjoy their trip until the bag is found. Make use of dead space. Stuff underwear, socks, ties, scarves etc. into shoes. This not only saves space, but also keeps your shoes from being crushed.

Baggallini Urban Style Backpack

Baggallini Urban BackpackThe bag on the left provided by Baggallini has these features:
i)Outside zipper pockets on front and back
ii)Smart and sleek looking bagg converts from a sling bagg to a backpack with the swap of a strap
iii)Organized interior with 2 zippered pockets, credit card slots, pen, lipstick and ID holder
iv)Lightweight water resistant fabric

Baggallini Inc. was founded in 1995 by Dixie Powers and Ann Simmons when the two veteran flight attendants recognized a need for more fashionable and functional tote bags, handbags and travel accessories. Since their modest start, baggallini has grown to be recognized as a worldwide leader in creating products that are incredibly organized and look as good as they perform. Baggallini was founded on the belief that baggs can be functional and fun to carry, and to this day they continue to build bags that deliver on this promise.

They are well known for their distinctive color pallets, fun fabrics and lightweight durability. Especially popular are our everyday use totes bags, wallet bags, messenger bags and cosmetic/jewelry organizer bags.

Baggallini’s primary U.S, distribution is through specialty stores, catalogs and online “E”tailers. Baggallini can also be found in better specialty stores in parts of Europe, Canada, the Carribbean, South America and Africa. Their global headquarters and distribution facilities are located in Milwaukie, Oregon USA.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Comfortable, ergonomic and healthy backpack-AmeriBag

Comfortable, ergonomic and healthy backpack-AmeriBagOn top of the organization, the AmeriBag collections are all good for your back - whether to prevent back problems on young kids or help ease back strain for people who already have back problems, AmeriBag is the right choice for everyone!

Comfort, organization and style. Those were the goals of AmeriBag® founders Irwin and Margery Gaffin as they embarked upon the process of developing a shoulder bag that could be comfortably worn by almost everyone. With the help of medical professionals, the Gaffins embraced this challenge. Margery had endured back surgery, and was excited about the opportunity to bring an innovative and helpful product to the marketplace.

The result, the Healthy Back Bag® tote, was an overwhelming success. It features a patented, ergonomic design which feels lighter and more comfortable. The Healthy Back Bag® also features a highly organized interior which utilizes varied organizer pockets that are not only functional, but also provide optimum comfort when used properly. One peek into any AmeriBag and you'll see what they mean when they say that every bag has a silver lining!

By contouring to the natural shape of the body, the Healthy Back Bag® tote hangs asymmetrically redistributing the weight through the length of the whole back, not just from one point on the shoulder, thus reducing stress on the neck, shoulders and back.

It can be used as an everyday bag, carry-on, urban tote, baby bag, gym bag….or for the many ways you live your life. Since its initial development, the Healthy Back Bag® product line has expanded to include many new styles and features for virtually everyone.

Here are care tips for leather AmeriBag bags (Classic Leather, Tuscany).

Drum dyed and specially treated to provide weather protection while enhancing the beauty of the leather. Leather is a natural material and will age beautifully, developing a rich patina over time. Clean only as needed using a mild ph-balanced leather cleaner.

Monday, March 16, 2009

AceGene Backpacks and Their Design Philosophy

Acegene Flex Lite Business BackpackACE Bag Co., Ltd., was established as the manufacturer for the ACE group in 1960. In 1971, a plant was inaugurated in Akabira City, Hokkaido Prefecture. Since then, the company has been manufacturing high-quality suitcases, attache cases, and other related product categories. The ACE Luggage Co. of today is the hallmark of "Japan Quality" in the ACE group.

Original + Innovative + Sophisticated + High-Performance
These are the essential characteristics of AceGene—the genetic code for excellence and experience in modern travel and business case design.

AceGene brings the legacy of ACE quality, function and style into new collections for leading-edge thinkers, travelers and executives. Dedicated to the use of advanced technologies and superior functionality, AceGene improves every aspect of your travels through life and business. The emphasis is on functional designs for mobile executives and unsurpassed durability. Unique concepts go into the design of vital parts such as the fasteners and handles. The focus of AceGene is providing the most technologically advanced bags for those who rely on technology for business and travel. AceGene takes the best of our heritage and applies it to today's models for success--a formula for excellence that evolves in step with technology.

To become the leading bag brand in the world, AceGene will rededicate themselves to do what they have done so well for the last 60 years: to produce innovative and technologically superior bags of the highest possible quality. They are proud of the widely recognized talent of their designers, their unceasing dedication to performance, convenience, endurance and user-friendly functionality. They will continue to create bags to fit into every kind of lifestyle--bags that people love to own and use. At the same time, they will be taking on new challenges under an ambitious plan for a significant growth and diversification.

AceGene have strengthened their superior position in the industry using their unparalleled marketing power and taking full advantage of their competitive edge in sales, production, and other areas. Going forward, they will continue to develop and concentrate their many assets toward an "Era of Bountiful Harvest" for the near future.

Their mission has always been to inspire their customers—and to contribute to society—by supplying outstanding bag designs that become companions for life's adventures. They believe that this mission makes up the vital part of their corporate philosophy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

With a pledge to abide to the three ideals expressed in their corporate logo—Globalism, Infinity, and Harmony—they have just embarked on their "Second Business Inauguration" plan. In the years to come, they will aggressively establish a flexible corporate structure to enable them to propose optimal solutions that meet the changing lifestyles of users. AceGene will continue to give the world new vision and new value based their distinct sense of design and the know-how they have developed since 1940.

Laptop backpack buyer's guide

Backpacks can provide plenty of storage space for you, and they use adjustable shoulder straps to ensure a secure, bounce-free way to carry your laptop. A laptop backpack includes a laptop sleeve that is especially good to have, as it will increase the safety and security of your unit. Bumbakpak Streetflow CollectionThe Bumbakpak Streetflow Collection is innovative and is up to the task for those of us who need to have something to carry our laptops for any length of time and over any distance.

For the corporate environment, the Case Logic CNB-1 Laptop Backpack has ergonomically-designed shoulder straps as well as a cool, mesh back padding for comfort. Case Logic CNB-1 Laptop BackpackWith lots of storage and a removable mesh pocket for all of your mobile accessories, it is very functional. For your 15-inch laptop, the eTech Explorer Laptop Backpack is made of cross-lock ballistic nylon along with shoulder straps that are filled with foam for your carrying comfort.

Another excellent backpack is the Samsonite Computer Sport Backpack, complete with padded computer section, it protects your laptop from shock when you’re traveling. Samsonite Computer Sport BackpackWith plenty of storage for your mobile gear, its shoulder straps have nonslip pads to prevent the backpack from sliding when you carry it. Instead of opening across the top, it opens down the middle to provide quick access to your laptop. It also has a removable cell phone pocket, which is in the shoulder strap for easier access. Complete with two large external pockets for access, it allows convenient access to documents and has multiple interior pockets for other mobile accessories.

The Kensington Saddlebag Sport is more for the casual looking, backpack person and is excellent for carrying your notebook in. Kensington Saddlebag Sport Backpack<br />Complete with ergonomically design side panels, it brings the weight of the backpack to your center of gravity, which makes it easier to carry anything long distances. You can carry laptops that are from 15 inches to 17 inches, and it also has quick access side pockets.

If you’re looking for a backpack that holds laptops up to 16 inches, have a look at the Fellowes Body Glove Backpack-Fast Track. Fellowes Body Glove BackpackIt comes complete with a poly-armor padded section to keep your laptop secure. It also has a hidden pocket in a separate “dividers” section to keep files in order. It weighs only 2.4 pounds. If you sometimes feel like a beast of burden, the Kensington Contour Laptop Backpack has a contoured, adjustable, lumbar support panel, which will shift the weight onto your hips to reduce fatigue.

And finally, the Tamrac Women’s Slim Laptop Backpack is designed for women. Tamrac Women’s Slim Laptop Backpack It is sleek and slim, provides plenty of storage space for all of your mobile gear, and gives your laptop good protection, too. Complete with foam-padded shoulder straps that slide to cushion the load, it has a main storage area for files and your computer, as well as an external front pocket for all of your mobile accessories.

Introduction to A.SAKS backpacks

A.Saks Expandable Lightweight BackpackA.Saks On The Go™ was created for the consumer who wants the most expandable, lightest luggage in the world. With all the new airline restrictions, between the weight issue and the size issue, A.Saks™ is the only way to go.

A.Saks On The Go is the most versatile, lightweight, expandable luggage in the industry. Many styles, shapes and sizes to choose from, and all come with a 3 year limited warranty.

The owner of EWS Incentives, who distributes A.Saks On The Go™, has retail stores and has been in the business all his life.

Fastex clasps are included on every bag's handles for easy transition to a shoulder strap. All bags have generous pouches and collapse into themselves for easy.

Here are additional unique features:

1)No Weight Luggage

2)Folds Flat

3)Outside Pockets

4)Handles convert into a Shoulder Strap

5)Water Resistant

6)Interlocking Zippers with Lock & Keys

A.Saks On The Go™ is a new revelation in the luggage industry. Their new expandable series is made of 420 Denier Nylon, making it so lightweight it is almost weightless. It is made of very durable 420 denier nylon. Not only is it able to withstand heavy use, it is also water resistant. All of A.Saks bags are made with #10 retractable zippers making expanding and compressing each bag to be a snap.

Oakley Backpacks

Oakley S&M Overkill BackpackOakley, founded in 1975 and headquartered in Southern California, was created for world-class athletes, those who see the limits of possibility as just another challenge. Their dedication drives Oakley to look beyond the conventional ideas of industry standards. It’s in their DNA to identify problems, create inventions, and wrap those inventions in art. And simply to make things better than anyone thought possible.

Decades of Oakley innovation have been awarded more than 540 patents that elevate physics to the level of art. Technologies transcend sports to enhance the lives of consumers, and more than 110 countries now enjoy a full array of market-leading products including premium sunglasses, goggles, prescription eyewear, apparel, footwear and accessories.

Oakley, Inc. is a sport and lifestyle brand, driven to ignite the imagination through the fusion of art and science. The essence of the brand is communicated through hundreds of professional and amateur athletes who depend on Oakley products to provide them with the very best while they redefine what is physically possible.

Decades of Oakley innovation have led to a full array of market-leading products including performance apparel and accessories, prescription eyewear, footwear, watches and electronics. The company continues to build on its heritage of authenticity by reinventing products from scratch to achieve superior quality and genuine innovation that delivers the unexpected. Awarded more than 575 patents and 1100 trademarks, Oakley today is a global icon offering products to consumers in more than 100 countries.

Oakley blends science and art to redefine product categories by rejecting the constraints of conventional ideas. The company is recognized as one of the most coveted brands in performance technology and fashion.

Technologies that reinvent performance in core sport categories transcend to the general public with innovations that serve all, from the most rebellious to the most discriminating. In addition, aggressive design technologies are matched with the best materials available to produce critical gear for occupational and military applications. As with all research and development categories, this leads to crossover of performance innovations to the general public.

Striving to redefine the limits of possibility, Oakley has been awarded more than 575 patents worldwide. The authenticity of Oakley invention is backed by state-of-the-art research and production facilities. They take shape as prototypes, built in 16-micron layers of vaporized polymers that solidify in electromagnetic radiation. Progressive builds are tested with spectropho­tometers, impact accelerators and environmental simulation chambers. Only then are new inventions ready to be field tested by the world’s top athletes.

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Backpack Packing Advice and Tips

Backpack Packing Advice and TipsMost people overpack when going on a trip because they think that they will wear all the clothes they are bringing. When you first pack, take about one third of your clothes and put them back in your drawer, because no one in Europe is going to remember that you wore that shirt two days ago in a different city.

While traveling, you will be too tired to go out every night, so also put back the all the fancy clothes that you intended on bringing. If you do plan on going out every once in a while, you should pack one nice shirt and one pair of nice pants or a skirt, and that’s it. Don’t forget to bring nice shoes, as well, because unlike the United States, bouncers won’t let you into many clubs or bars if you're just wearing sneakers.

To maximize space, consider buying a compression bag to squish your bulky sleeping back into a smaller size. At the top of the pack, above the heavier items, place other gear you might need to access during the day. Layered clothes, a map, flashlight, sunscreen, toilet paper, medical supplies, and a first aid kit are some examples. You'll also want to keep your lunch in the top of the pack as well. Otherwise, you'll end up unpacking half of your bag to access this afternoon meal.

For multi-day packs containing hoops and straps, it's also possible to secure items to the outside of the bag. Tent poles, rope, and sleeping pads are two good examples. Again, just make sure the pack is properly balanced. Don't put too much weight on the pack's exterior or you'll find yourself being pulled backwards from its weight. This will result in you leaning forward to compensate, which leads to poor posture and fatigue.

As far as having enough room to bring souvenirs home from Europe or wherever you are traveling, try not to buy a lot of things because they will hold you down. The souvenirs will put a lot more weight on your back than you really need and, more than likely, will break when you are throwing your backpack around. My advice is to have enough space for one or two things that you really like, but don’t go overboard.

If you are helping your child pack backpacks, you could follow these guidelines. Lay the heaviest items in the backpack first so they will be closest to the child's back. Arrange books and supplies so they don't move around in the backpack. Check the child's backpack to make sure the items they are carrying are absolutely necessary. When the backpack is too heavy, the child may hand carry a book, lunchbox or other items to lighten the load.

Just remember two things, "Pack it light. Wear it right."

4 Tips for buying backpacks

Tips for buying backpacks1. Select a backpack with well-padded shoulder straps to help protect the shoulders and neck. These straps should be adjusted so the pack fits snugly against your back. A pack hanging loosely from the back can pull you backward and strain muscles.

2. Consider a backpack with a waist belt to help distribute the weight of the pack evenly. Make sure that the backpack that you choose has hip belts and tightening straps, and go to a camping gear store to take a look at the backpacks and get more information on them. Whichever type of backpack you choose, make sure that it has a hip belt. What most people don’t know is that your hips can carry more weight than your shoulders, thus taking a lot of weight off your back. Another must for any backpack is that it has to have tightening straps. The straps are used to take off stress from parts of your back and redirect it elsewhere.

3. Select a smaller backpack for you if you are too young. The backpack itself should be light in weight. Consider buying a backpack on wheels, similar to the carry-on valise used by airplane travelers. Caution: These carriers are not for everyone, as they are difficult to maneuver in snow, and up and down stairs. Some schools don't allow them.

4. Don’t buy a big backpack: anywhere from 5000 to 6000 cubic inches is large enough. A child should not carry a backpack that weighs more than 15% of their body weight. For example, if a child weighs 100 lbs, their backpack should not weigh more than 15lbs.

One thing that I cannot stress enough is to go to the store and try on backpacks. You need to be able to see how it feels and to look at the seaming on it.

Just go to a camping gear store (such as REI), try on the backpacks and get some more advice from the helpers at the store. If the prices are too high for you at the store, remember the brand and type of backpack that you looked at and check the prices on the internet.

How To Buy A Backpack

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Eagle Creek Backpacks

Eagle Creek BackpacksEagle Creek is the leading manufacturer of travel gear for any adventure around the world. Eagle Creek designs their backpacks to simply make travel easier. And surprisingly enough, folks at Eagle Creek travel a lot. That's why they build every product with the highest-quality, most reliable performance in mind. By traveling to the four corners of the world by yak and a Fiat and a bus and a fast train and an airplane, they come back and figure out how their gear can work better in all those circumstances. And most importantly, they listen to their well-traveled customers. Customers who demand that their travel gear be smart, indestructible and comfortable.

Every buckle, zipper, webbing and fabric choice is scrutinized based on rigorous lab and field-testing. Eagle Creek refuses to leave you hanging (especially in the middle of a Tibetan train station) with your zipper broken or a buckle smashed.

As a company of travelers, Eagle Creek is also keenly aware of the environmental impact of everything they produce. They strive to minimize material waste and source and manufacture with the least environmentally impactful fabrics, trims and packaging materials.

As many customers tell them, they have been carrying their Eagle Creek gear for years and have been amazed with the longevity of their products. To that end, Eagle Creek strives to make stuff that lasts a lifetime which means Eagle Creek products inevitably stay out of the landfill that much longer.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MHW Backpacks

MHW BackpacksMHW, short for Mountain Hardwear, is a wholesale manufacturer. Below are backpacks they sell well.

Alpine climbing, peak bagging, ski touring, backpacking, cragging, day hiking, bushwhacking. Not all backcountry sports are the same, but everyone needs to haul gear.

Comfortable, versatile, highly functional packs designed for backpacking and trekking – from quick weekends to the long haul.

For travel, work, or around town – our sleek, functional daypacks are tough enough to handle your daily grind.

Alpine Sport
Rooted in our expedition heritage, our Alpine Sport packs are for climbers and mountaineers. Find all the technical details you need for a summit bid or a day at the crags.

Duffle Bags
Durable, versatile duffles designed to haul enough gear for an entire expedition.

In 1993, a small group of people who had weathered years in the outdoor industry decided to get together and form Mountain Hardwear. In addition to working in the outdoor industry, the Mountain Hardwear founders were avid outdoors people themselves.

Mountain Hardwear was the team's first demonstration of radical thinking; the company bet on passion and experience for innovative, technologically advanced products to bring together a product line within 90 days.

Many people in the industry thought the task was impossible, but the Mountain Hardwear crew worked fast and smart—and introduced two products that are still in the line today: the Exposure™ Parka and the Sub Zero™ Jacket.

Mountain Hardwear has grown quite a bit. The company has over 90 people in our California office, more than 35 sales reps and associates across the United States and Europe, and representatives in Canada, Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand. And now, with the solid financial backing of Columbia Sportswear, Mountain Hardwear is free to develop even more cutting edge designs and products.

MHW has always focused on bringing radical thinking to the gear they make. They continually challenge themselves to bring technical innovation to outdoor gear and to create detail-oriented design features that anticipate users' needs. They combine that innovation and attention to detail with superior product quality—backed with a lifetime warranty that speaks for itself. MHW—Radical Thinking—again and again.

Employees and representatives continue to share a passion for the outdoors along with a passion for making innovative, technologically advanced gear. They keep their outdoor knowledge sharp by sponsoring over 20 athletes and using their real-world challenges and experiences to continue to advance the technology and fabrics they build into their products.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Macpac Backpacks

Macpac BackpacksMacpac backpacks are inspired by life in New Zealand. Macpac backpacks are known for their legendary load-carrying comfort and durability.

In 1973, 19-year-old Bruce McIntyre left university after a year of studying psychology, sociology and political science. His vision: Simply to make backpacks that were better and cheaper than what else was available.“I had no capital of my own, but my parents loaned me $2,000 to buy Charlie McCormick's brand (Macpac) and machinery, and they put up their house as collateral so I could secure a $700 overdraft from the bank.”

Bruce started off with his own designs, and a spirit of collaboration. In 1975 a group of young men from the Canterbury Mountaineering Club (CMC) were heading into the South American Andes on an expedition at the time. According to Bruce, “I said I’d make them all backpacks if they’d work with me on the design.”

The pack that emerged from this development was New Zealand’s first internal frame climbing pack – the Torre Egger. Many of its features have since been copied around the world; at the time they were new and innovative.

“We had the first bungy cord attached to the packs because one of the guys had said he wanted to attach his crampons to the outside of the pack.”

Macpac’s collaboration between pack designer and experienced mountaineers set an example that Macpac continues to follow today. The comprehensive testing programme leverages the experience of partners in the mountains who Macpac trusts to push its gear to its limits and beyond.

The company’s design philosophy also places an extremely high value on feedback, not only from athletes and adventurers, but all Macpac customers around the world.

The benefits in this combination of partnership and innovation are seen in hundreds of letters from loyal customers and coverage from gear testers. Some examples of the praise that has been published around the world in 2007 alone include: “Britain’s Toughest Test,” by UK’s Trail magazine, awarded Macpac’s Vamoose child carrier BEST IN TEST among tough international competition.

In the US, the popular Backpacker Gear Guide rated Macpac’s Epic 300SF READER APPROVED “Lightest Three Season” Sleeping Bag. “Australia’s Toughest Test,” published by Outdoor magazine, rated leading brand sleeping bags and gave Macpac’s Latitude 500 first place. The same publication also called Macpac’s new Tuatara 20 “Worker’s Choice” for being an ideally-featured daypack for commuting.

“All of our competitors went to Asian manufacturers a long time before we did – which was fine for them. We really resisted it because we had a very good manufacturing facility here with great people. But then the New Zealand dollar got very strong,” and soon “it was either shift our manufacturing or go out of business.

Macpac’s focus on “making high quality things that work” remains steadfast – “I never liked things that broke down,” says McIntyre, who still mows his lawns with a hand mower for this reason.

In 2008, Bruce is building a new school in Christchurch, New Zealand, and he has trusted the future of Macpac with new owners Campbell Junor, Pierre van Noorden and Bernie Wicht. These three men share Bruce's commitment to premium quality and design leadership, which have made Macpac a brand deeply trusted around the world by people who are serious about their outdoor experiences.

GoLite Backpacks

GoLite BackpacksToday GoLite is the world's leading manufacturer of lite-weight outdoor clothing and equipment, driving product innovation in a wide range of outdoor sports. But GoLite is far more than a collection of products. It is a mindset, a mission, a directive, an ideal that infuses every design, concept and idea. It is as much a philosophy as it is a commandment to do much more with much less. GoLite is about freedom. About being unburdened by the mundane, the over-engineered, or the obsolete. It is about being connected to nature in the purest way. And about going lite on the trail, on the planet, and in one's life.

GoLite continues to produce some of the best lightweight backpacks, tents, and shelters in the market. GoLite understands that most backpackers lugging heavy packs take steps to save pack weight. Some cut off half a toothbrush handle, trim map corners, and repackage food into the lightest plastic bags -- all somewhat helpful over the long haul. But true weight savings starts with the heaviest items -- notably your backpack, sleeping bag, and shelter -- which should be pared down to their minimum weight without compromising function. GoLite's ultra-lite, ultra-strong, high capacity mountain packs represents this philosophy in action.

Osprey Backpacks

Osprey BackpacksOsprey, one of the famous world brands of backpacks, is worshipped by many travellers.

Long-revered, Osprey backpacks are some of the most sought after packs on the market today. A core team of designers and hard-core outdoor enthusiasts have been building some of the most comfortable and functional packs for the last 35 years. Osprey has had backcountry ski packs in their lineup for quite some time, but this Fall, look for an entirely-new lineup of ski packs that you’ll want to put on your wishlist.

While many backcountry ski packs are simply sized-down larger backpacks with ski-carrying loops, the new Opsrey Kode series has been built with backcountry skiing in mind from the start. After a quick look at them, I was very impressed. Here are a few details.

Bursting on the outdoor scene in 1974, Osprey remains ever committed to innovation and performance. Built to accommodate your passion for adventure, Osprey backpacks are renowned for providing award-winning fit and functionality.

Gregory Backpacks

Gregory BackpacksAt age 14 Wayne Gregory designed his first backpack as part of a Boy Scout project. Shortly after this experience he met Andy Drollinger, the founder of San Diego California Adventure 16, at a boy scout camporee. Andy was impressed with Wayne’s design and over the next few years Wayne could be found hanging around the Adventure 16 factory, buying raw materials and tinkering with a variety of backpack ideas. He soon became the young companies second employee.

In 1970, Wayne started his first company, Sunbird, with a goal to produce advanced external frame packs. Unhappy with the limitations of externals, he dissolved the company in 1973 and began working as a freelance designer (sleeping bags, tents, and technical apparel) for a number of companies in the newly emerging outdoor specialty industry. Intrigued with new directions in soft packs and internal frame concepts he decided it was time to get back to his first love, designing backpacks, and in 1977 Wayne founded Gregory Mountain Products in San Diego, California.

From the start, Wayne wasn’t just meticulous about designing packs that improved upon fit and used the best materials available, he also wanted to know how his designs worked in the field and what he could do better, a heritage of accessibility he has continued to present. In the early days, he loved to talk tech with customers at his retail store in San Diego, where he built his packs in the back shop. He wanted to know firsthand what worked and what didn’t, and many customers’ ideas were incorporated in new products. Ultimately, Wayne realized that in the backpack business fit was king, and he pioneered many firsts, including; being the first to build backpacks in different frame, harness and waist belt sizes; the first (and still only) pack manufacturer to develop a waistbelt system that adjusts to fit different hip angles, automatically improving load transfer; and developing the center-locking bar tack, a stitch that ends and locks off on the center of a seam instead of the side for increased strength at major stress points. From the earliest days, Gregory packs were noted for innovative design, ergonomic and comfortable fit, and our obsession with quality.

Over the years, Gregory packs have been recognized in a number of widely read publications that single out their fit, innovation, durability and comfort stories.

Arc'teryx Backpacks

Arc'teryx BackpacksARC'TERYX was founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1991, where it maintains its Worldwide Head Office, design studios, and main manufacturing facilities.

Driven by innovation, ARC'TERYX was founded to build better gear. They didn’t just focus on incremental advancements, but on radically improving the status quo. They began with climbing harnesses and then proceeded to tackle packs and apparel with the same single-minded obsession for creating the lightest, best performing, and highest quality products available. To realize our vision they’ve created groundbreaking new construction technology, developed paradigm-shifting designs and harnessed major fabric technology developments.

The resulting deluge of recognition, and mimicry, has cemented their reputation at the pinnacle of the outdoor world. Their designers strive not to better the competition, but to challenge assumptions about how outdoor products should be built. Their visionary thinking is fused with proprietary construction processes and unrivalled craftsmanship to create the best outdoor gear made. Regardless of product, by selecting this brand you're insured that your ARC'TERYX product will be one of the most innovative and superbly crafted packs, harnesses or mountain apparel pieces available.

As the next season arrives, they continue to raise the bar for the industry by introducing superior advancements in fit and fabrics, and revising and developing new products. A concentrated mountain core quests for new horizons, and they work feverishly to supply innovative solutions. We refine, tailor and hone until revolutions emerge. Intrinsically linked with the future, they passionately stoke this evolution in action.

What brand of backpack are you familar with

Dana Designs (now aka: Marmot)These brands win on durability, fit, value and weight.I've been less-than-impressed by backpacks from:
The North Face
Mountain Hardwear (sorry Static, the rest of yer stuff is great)
No offense taken: I had not been recommending the MHW Exodus series at backpacks for several reasons, but the climbing packs and daypacks are pretty good. MHW does not make a travelpack, so I use an Eagle Creek
IMHO, the top of the pyramid here is brands like Macpac, Wilderness Equipment and One Planet. Arc'teryx and Osprey are also good if you can get them (we struggle to get the full range of either of these in Perth).

Big difference between Aussie packs and North American packs is that we use mostly canvas here for packs - whereas northern hemisphere has gone towards synthetic materials.

You'll notice a big difference in weights between Aussie brands and their N.american/european counterparts.

Harnesses - Probably the most important part of a backpack - this one is entirely relative to you, your body shape and what feels comfortable to you. My own pack (a Wilderness Equipment) has a harness that moulds over my back like a glove - your experience may differ.
like Osprey and Eagle Creek backpacks. My 59 litre Eagle Creek is what I travel with and it has served me very well! One of the best purchases I have ever made!