Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gyms Pacific Neoprene Backpack

Gyms Pacific Neoprene BackpackGyms Pacific, founded in February 2003, is a design house of high end neoprene bags and accessories. Neoprene was chosen as the exclusive material for all Gyms Pacific designs because of the versatility of the material. The durable and water resistant neoprene material is easy to care for and comes in many bright colors to suit customers' moods and fashion senses. It also has protective features and is ideal for electronic equipment. The nylon jersey finish adds a soft touch and is available in many fashionable and seasonal colors. Most importantly, neoprene is maleable and holds the clean and sharp lines that distinguishes Gyms Pacific designs.

GYMS Pac specializes in digital media and mobile computing accessories, bags and backpacks for the home, school and office. GYMS Pac designs are inspired by clean and sharp lines, functional use, protection, comfort and wearability. The company maintains the highest standard and quality of workmanship with its product line as well as its custom and private label orders. Their backpacks are comfortable, lightweight and functional.

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