Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fabric Laptop Backpack from McKlein

Fabric Laptop Backpack from McKleinThis fabric laptop backpack features:

* Awarded “Consumer Digest Best Buy”

* Side-Entry Access with detachable computer sleeve that protects laptops up to 15.4” in size

* Air-lift mesh padding against your back to keep you dry and comfortable and ergonomically adjustable contour backpack straps

* Front organizer with storage space for media devices, cell phone, business cards, key holder and pens

* Side zipper pocket for MP3 player complete with slit for ear phones

The McKlein cases are designed for edgy professionals who are ahead of the curve. McKlein customers are on the move making things happen, innovating new ideas and are so in tune with undercurrents that they instinctively ride the waves of change. They aren’t immune to the undertow, but they know how to break the surface. They don’t play it safe. They’re people who aren’t risk-shy and they’re people who aren’t afraid to make mistakes, in fact they embrace them as an opportunity to grow.

When people ask the McKlein customer about their case, you can bet it was because the person carrying it has an indefinable air that makes them stand out. After inspecting them from head to toe and finding out that, yeah, they’re turned out well enough but they don’t stop traffic, they conclude the case, of obvious quality and has lent its own air of distinction. Wrong! Well, mostly…

Why do these people choose to take McKlein? They choose us because our cases embody their vision and are just one of the many tools they use to make vision an every day reality. There truly is no stopping the future and technology is a clear cut necessity if you’re going to stay in front of the curve.

McKlein cases are different. They are crafted with quality, and are packed with innovation and functionality. They even cost less than the “status” case. But the McKlein difference isn’t in the case. The McKlein difference is the people who choose McKlein and their drive to use collective experience, action and vision to mobilize quantum change. They don’t claim the case will change your life but it will make it easier. McKlein cases spring from vision and experience, but they’re still inanimate objects.

What made the McKlein customer stand out was the fact that they’re alive and aware. They are people of substance with their own force of gravity. McKlein customers move. They don’t run slower drivers off the road; they go around them with a smile and a wave. If they see someone in distress, they stop and help because they’re aware that with gift comes responsibility. They believe in empowering others. Sometimes they seem to walk on air, but they don’t mind getting their hands dirty for something they believe in.


  1. So glad I found this blog. Backpacks are among my top 10 favorite inventions and they (and similar inventions) must rank pretty high up in importance for mankind.

  2. Thank you. I'm happy to see your reply. I'm fascinated with backpacks too.

  3. Awesome Backpacks! especially if it came from the mcklein brand.