Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kids School Backpacks

There’s nothing more precious than picking out your Kindergarten or First grade first backpack. At any age, little kids backpacks for school are just fun to shop for. Looking for little kids backpacks for school online is a great place to start. You and your child can look through the various little kids backpacks for school and decide which one is right for him or her. Little boys and little girls will love the independence they feel when you buy them the backpack they picked out. Boys and girls love little kids backpacks for school with their favorite characters and their favorite colors.

CLOTone Outdoor Backpack

Hong Kong based, CLOT, has ventured into the world of accessories and bags with the release of their new CLOTone Outdoor Backpack that has striking resemblances to the visvim Ballistic K Pack Backpack. The new CLOT Outdoor Backpack features both Waist and Chest straps, a leather bottom, leather zipper tassels, reinforced back panel, and various compartments to store your belongings. The backpack comes in a solid Red color as well as a Black and Gold color. Both colors are available now at Haven.