Sunday, March 29, 2009

Solar Backpack from The Eclipse Solar Gear

Solar Backpack from The Eclipse Solar GearEclipse Solar Gear is an Innovus Designs Inc company brand located in Round Rock, just north of Austin, Texas. has been the leading source for innovative solar charging carrying cases for all your mobile personal electronics since 2003.

The Eclipse Solar Gear products are stylish and built to last. The mobile cases are a patented line of solar backpacks, solar bicycle bags, solar messenger bags, solar camera bags, and other quality cases designed to charge the batteries of common handheld electronics including: cell phones, PDA’s, iPods, GPS units, and rechargeable AA batteries in a convenient and effortless manner.

This solar backpack is the first in a line of backpacks with an integrated solar charging solution. This backpack combines the traits of a feature rich quality bag with a smart, effective solar charging module. The backpack has multiple pockets for your cell phone, PDA, hand held GPS unit, CD player or MP3 player, and a laptop computer. The MP3 pouch includes an inner mesh pocket and a convenient outlet for your headphones. External side mesh pockets can be used for a water bottle holder or other items for quick access. Included with the pack are large cavities for books or extra clothing when traveling. The back cavity houses a laptop sleeve that can be removed when extra space and lighter weight is needed. The front zippered accessory pouch includes pen holders, cd holders, an elastic lanyard for keys, and a removable clip for USB memory sticks.

The integrated solar charging module can be utilized by using a common 12V automotive charging adapter made specifically for the brand and type of personal electronics you own. Using a cell phone as an example, you can trickle charge the cell phone battery during long hikes or hunting trips with the backpack using your existing cigerette lighter cord (not included). The result is an extension of battery life, and a source for charging when traveling in remote areas where traditional chargng sources are not available, or in emergency situations. The result is the ultimate backpack for your mobile needs.

Their goal is to enhance customers' personal electronics battery life by providing a convenient source of solar energy especially when no other traditional power source is available. Using a solar backpack or any solar charger can extend the use of personal electronics and contribute to the protection of the environment.

The Solar Gear design was an inspiration during a day on the beach while on vacation. Many people were basking in the sun, talking on their cell phones, and having a great time. The inspiration stemmed from noticing how many of the beach-goers were worried about their cell phones. The worry was not about the quality of service, or the amount of minutes they had, but about the life of their batteries. Why not use the sun to extend the battery life, and have a little piece of mind that your phone battery is not going to be drained?

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