Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Funny Backpack

Do you have a experience that you were so tired and beg for a place you can sit? Maybe you thought that you would bring a chair with you.

Now, this type of backpack can solve you problem. It is named Wear your seat and molded to fit you back. Wherever you go, you can carry your chair with you on your back. Although the idea is great, the bulkiness of the contraption scares me. In my opinion, it shall be improve on its appearance. Otherwise, it’s just a design that has no practicality for no people would like to make his butt look bigger.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Women’s Hydration Pack Made by Canmlbak

Today, I will show you a women’s backpack which has got not bad reviews. It’s women’s Isis Hydration Pack from Camelbak. And it is a women's specific minimalist pack that is great for staying safely hydrated when training for 2+ hours on the bike. This CamelBak hydration pack is designed with a harness and profile that offer a more athletic fit for women. Harness: Women's fitlightweight mesh belt.Front and back reflectivity. Material: 210 D nylon, 70 D diamond Clarus nylon. Size: 14.75" x 8.5" x 3" Weight: No Reservoir39 lbs. Full reservoir 5.33 lbs. Hydration Capacity: 72 oz".

And the users describe that this backpack actually offers a comfortable women's specific fit that is very comfortable on their hips and shoulders, is large enough to carry a full day's worth of gear (rain jacket, lunch, snacks, first aid kit, etc.), has lots of pockets that make it very easy to find things, yet still has a low-profile design. It actually has all the features they were looking for plus extras.

A great feature is that the hydration bladder is in a separate compartment so it doesn't affect the available space of the main compartment when the bladder is full. The side pockets are perfect for storing energy bars and other items they want within easy reach, the bungee carries their rain jacket, and the small front pocket is perfect for their first aid kit. The only feature the manufacturer shall add would be a small zip pocket on the hip belt to carry lip balm or keys.

In a word, it is next to perfect.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Laptop backpack, designed to be more comfortable

Have you ever seen this kind of laptop backpack? If you carry your laptop everywhere, or need to be online a lot, it’s your best choice.
The laptop looks very slim and slick which is made of lightweight Neoprene, it's waterproof and stain proof so you could wear it at all times. What it won't do is save your laptop's integrity if it suffers any damage. Maybe the next model?
This Built has three compartments: one for your laptop, one for its accessories and a shoulder pocket for anything else. It retails for just $80 so it's quite a bargain. How do you like it?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

UNDERCOVERISM Published its Huge Cubage Backpack

Recently, UNDERCOVERISM Published its Huge Cubage Backpack (F6C05). This backpack is made of classical nylon fabric and can carry lots of thing. Although it is not suitable to carry it to shopping, it is a not bad choice to be used while travelling. Now, it has been on sale, and the price is 52500 yen.

Backpack, makes your work or study more relaxed

No matter who you are, if you want carry your things more relaxedly, you could choose backpack. Carrying things on your back is an ancient tradition, proven successful and useful time and time again. Carrying a backpack is a healthy and safe way to carry a load without hurting yourself. A single strapped bag or a purse can strain your back from the uneven distribution.

A backpack should not weight more than 15% of your body weight or 20 lbs, whichever is lighter.
A bag with wide straps will distribute weight more evenly and won'te hurt.
A padded back will help to keep items inside from poking into you.
Look out for bags made of lighe materials. If a bag is heavy without anything in it, then imagine how heavy it will be with all of your books!
Get a bag with two straps and a waist clip for the most even distribution.
Make sure that the zippers are sturdy and won't break.
Sooner or later, it's going to rain. Try and get a waterproof and tearproof bag.