Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How To Pack A Backpack For Your Trip

Whether camping or hiking, it’s important to know how to pack a backpack for maximizing space, comfort, ease of use, and portability. It can be difficult, however, to figure out which items are most important to pack, and which is the best method of packing as well. No matter what items you pack, it’s essential to ensure that the weight of your backpack is equally distributed. This will ensure that your back isn’t in extreme pain or under unnecessary stress while hiking.

When determining where to place heavy items in your backpack, it’s best to determine whether you’ll be hiking on or off trails first. If you are hiking off trail, then you should distribute the weight of your backpack by placing the heavier items to the base of the backpack. If hiking on trail or even terrain, place the heavier items towards the top of the

Since you’ll be hiking and wearing your backpack, make sure that any items or materials that are needed immediately are placed in an easily accessible location. This will prevent you from slowing down when retrieving these items.

Your sleeping bag is one of the most important items in your backpack. If your backpack has a separate compartment then you can easily roll your backpack and place it in the compartment. If your backpack doesn’t have a separate compartment then place it at the very bottom of your backpack, however make sure that the sleeping bag won’t become damaged by being under too much weight. Next, place clothes and lightweight items on top of the sleeping bag. Make sure to place certain clothing and garments for specific weather conditions in an area where you can easily reach them. If you encounter a sudden rainstorm, you won’t want to dig through your backpack in order to find your rain gear. Make sure to use all outside storage pockets and components in a useful manner.

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